Services at a glance


Virus Removal & Cleanup & Basic Labor Fee

We will cleanup your system files, registry, remove all traces of malware,  

spyware, and viruses, AND increase your startup time by 20% or more!  

Want an Antivirus and remote support system that fully manages itself along
with local tech support assistance, for 1 year?  Add $65

Flat Rate


Upgrade to a Solid State Drive (500GB and up)

Solid State technology (SSD) is amazing and so much more affordable these days! 

Most likely your computer came with a stock mechanical drive  

that has moving parts which are prone to failure. SSD utilizes new technology 

which is similar to the motherboard and processor, make the switch today!
Or let us do the work for you for only the cost of the drive plus our basic labor fee.


$129  $179for 1TB

Disassembly Labor

Some issues require we completely take apart your laptop or desktop, 

Especially when it comes to replacing aesthetic components such as laptop casings.  

Transplantation of components to a new tower, etc. Instead of charging an hourly rate, 

we save you, our customer money, by charging one flat rate. 

Flat Rate


$140+ Parts 
$120+ Parts for consoles

Charger Port Repair (Laptop)

Laptops get dropped, unfortunately! In most cases we can repair 

or replace your broken charger port and get you back in business in no time!

Flat Rate



Laptop LCD Replacement

Laptop screens seem to break easily it seems! We can get you back in business by
repairing your broken LCD.  With so many different types from glass, touch, to basic
LCD screens.  Our prices start at $180. Call today with your make and model number
to get your free quote!



Television Repair

Some say that today it is cheaper to replace your TV when it breaks VS repairing it.  

We have the best rates in town! Call us today!


$80+ Parts

Console Repair

From Xbox, PlayStation, to Nintendo, we can fix it!

Flat Rate

$85+ Parts

Tablet or Phone Repair

Broken screen or functionality issues? We can help!

Flat Rate

$85+ Parts

On-Site Repair

We know some times you cannot leave the house. We always recommend you
bring your items to the shop,  It's a flat rate, but we are more than happy to come
to you and we are the most affordable in town!